So you have decided to buy a property in Italy or France and now you are contacting Villa Luxe International. How do you start and what do you expect?

The first stage is the most important and decisive in the process of buying real-estate property. Your wishes, specified in the smallest detail must be determined for the type of property and its possible location. We carefully study all your possible requirements and select a set of potential real-estate properties that fit your expectations, in the best possible way. Descriptions of villas, chalets or apartments, written in the English, Italian, French or Russian languages, are accompanied by quality photographs which let you have a clear idea of the particular property. If you decide to change your requirements during the process of selecting real estate property, please inform us as soon as possible, so that we can take this into account when selecting other properties!

The next stage is for you to visit different selected properties. While visiting, you will always be accompanied by a representative of our company, who speaks your mother tongue and is ready to answer any questions concerning the details of the property and the acquisition procedure.

Villa Luxe International

represents exclusively the interests of its clients and conducts negotiations on your behalf with the seller, on the best possible terms through to the final phase of the transaction.

We give you support in the opening of bank accounts in Italy or France and in obtaining attractive mortgage lending terms.

Villa Luxe International

can arrange professional assistance over tax and legal matters and we can also provide you with a list of qualified companies involved in repair and construction works.

You can rely on our extensive experience and high level of professionalism in the process of selecting and buying your real-estate property, such that it becomes a pleasant and interesting experience with us